Fractal Deinonychus

A reconstruction by Bonnie Dalzell, MA

These illustrations were produced in 1993 to accompany a 'Jurassic Park' exhibit at the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences.

The Deinonychus illustration was produced by digitizing a drawing of a Deinonychus skeleton

and restoring the musculature based on that of modern reptiles and birds in combination with an examination of the muscular processes on the illustrated fossil skeleton.

After a fleshed out version of the animal was obtained a variety of fractal patterns were examined as sources of the animal's color pattern. The most pleasing results from both an aesthetic and a "convincing" stand point were obtained with enlarged portions of the Fractal Mandelbrot set. The two Mandelbrot Fractal Deinonychi:
Black Fractal Deinonychus

and Eureka Deinonychus

were produced using a Commodore Amiga 2000 (r) computer.

Printing was done on an Hewlett Packard Desk Jet 550C (tm) printer. The Mandelbrot patterns were generated by Seven Seas Software's graphic mathematical function plotting program MathVision(r).

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